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Sullivan County Audubon Society
Survey of Birds At Feeders

Please print this page, complete the form, and mail it to: Lance Verderame, P.O. Box 30, Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759.

Name ________________________________________________  Month of Survey: ________________ 

Address ______________________________________________________________ Year:___________ 

Record the greatest number of individuals for each species seen at any one time (at your feeders or in your yard) during the first 7 days of the month (November through April).  For example, if you see 3 Blue Jays on the second, and 5 on the fourth, you report 5, not 8.

____Wild Turkey ____White-breasted Nuthatch ____Evening Grosbeak
____Mourning Dove ____Red-breasted Nuthatch ____House Finch
____Hairy Woodpecker ____House Sparrow ____Pine Siskin
____Downy Woodpecker ____European Starling ____American Goldfinch
____Blue Jay ____Red-winged Blackbird ____Dark-eyed Junco
____American Crow ____Common Grackle ____American Tree Sparrow
____Black-capped Chickadee ____Brown-headed Cowbird ____White-throated Sparrow
____Tufted Titmouse ____Northern Cardinal ____Song Sparrow

Other Species—please indicate highest count and species name.
____   _______________________ ____   _______________________
____   _______________________ ____   _______________________
____   _______________________ ____   _______________________
____   _______________________ ____   _______________________

Food & Water—Check what you are offering birds:

Mixed Seed Black Oil Sunflower Other—please specify:
Suet Striped Sunflower      
Thistle Mixed Sunflower      
Peanuts Water      

Please add comments on the back of this form.