Checklist:  Birds of Sullivan County
this page last updated 5/21/09

The new Birds of Sullivan County, NY, A Checklist and Summary of Records, published in December 2008, shows every species found in the county and includes information about its abundance and the times of the year each is found. Valerie Freer maintains the bird records for Sullivan County Audubon Society (with a few records dating back to the 1950’s). The database of over 35,000 records includes bird sightings reported by many local and out-of- county birders as well as feeder count reports submitted throughout the winter months by over 30 local participants.

During the latter part of 2008 Valerie and John Haas reviewed the records and updated the checklist of birds, adding 8 species to the list and making many modifications in it to show changes in the dates that some birds have been seen in the county. Sullivan County's checklist of birds now includes 288 species. Of these, 41 are accidentals, 135 species breed regularly, and 11 others have been known to breed at least once.

With the further help of Phyllis Jones, this checklist was formatted and printed. This is the 5th edition of the Birds of Sullivan County, NY. Congratulations on a job well done and “Thank You” from all the birders who use this valuable resource!

There are two versions of the checklist available here for viewing or printing. 
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One-page checklist without abundance or breeding information.
UPDATED 5/11/2009

The comprehensive checklist including abundance codes and breeding/nesting information.  Print on two sides of a single sheet of paper to create a tri-fold checklist. NEW DECEMBER 2008 CHECKLIST NOW ONLINE!

TIP:  If you look at the comprehensive checklist, save it to your hard disk for future reference or printing.  This will save you the download the next time you need it.  To save the file, use the button near the top left of the Adobe Reader screen that looks like a floppy disk.