Longterm Bird Projects                                                                                      This page last updated 4/2/07

The Database

For many years, Sullivan County Audubon has been doing a variety of counts, contests, and projects having one central focus: the accumulation of information about our local birds.

A major focus of SCAS since 1970 has been the publishing of our newsletter, Warblings, containing records of recent bird sightings of interest.  The newsletter stimulated people to write down dates and numbers of birds seen, and to report them to us.  With the availability of a computer, we began to compile the information in a database. We were awarded two small grants from the Federation of NYS Bird Clubs (now the New York State Ornithological Association) to allow us to hire a person to enter the data, and we used some of our own funds to supplement that.  More recently, we have had a concentrated volunteer effort to edit and add to the database.

Over the years the database has grown substantially.  All of the Sullivan County records from the first Atlas are in one part; our local feeder counts are summarized in another.  The main database includes over 31,000 records, including all of the records reported in past issues of Warblings, and all Sullivan County Christmas Counts plus most of the data from our local counts such as the “Feathered Frenzy.”

How is all of this information useful?  First and foremost, we use this information when producing the Checklist of Birds of Sullivan County, which actually summarizes the information in the database.  Also, when we were asked to provide information to support a nomination of the Bashakill to become an IBA (Important Bird Area), we summarized the many thousands of records we have of birds there.   We have been able to provide detailed responses to other requests for information from various groups regarding the status of specific birds or birdlife of certain local areas.   Two current examples dealt with the birdlife of D & H Canal trail and with a DEC Wildlife Unit Management plan.

So keep the bird information coming! If you see an unusual bird or unusual numbers of birds, mail your list to me at PO Box 30, Loch Sheldrake, NY 12779, or .

Thank you!

Valerie Freer