Green Column

Our "Green Team" -  Bill Cutler, Kathy Scullion

Earth Day
Warblings, Spring 2020

April 22nd is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Unfortunately the Earth Day event at SUNY Sullivan, like other Earth Day events around the world, has been canceled this year.  But Earth Day is not canceled! 

Wood Duck pair on litter pluck?, photo © Mary Collier Wood Duck pair on litter pluck?
photo © Mary Collier.

There are many ways you can recognize this significant date at home. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Learn more about an environmental issue by watching a film or reading a book or an article. (There are fascinating articles now about how the decreases in factory and transportation pollution due to Covid 19 shutdowns are improving air and water quality.)

  2. Do a litter pluck near your home (Hold onto the trash you collect so we don't overwhelm local transfer stations).

  3. Join a local environmental organization or take an action online to support a cause you believe in.

  4. Play in the dirt!  Plant food or flowers for yourself or wildlife.

  5. Just spend time in nature.  For many of us, our time in nature is what offers respite from these sad and disconcerting times.

Kathy Scullion

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